The Partnership

Talos IO is a one of a kind organization that works to foster a diversity of people and ideas in the technology industry. Unlike a traditional fund there is no horizon for liquidating assets and returning capital to Talos partners. Instead, our company is focused on long-term value and growth. This encourages strategic investments and the pursuit of partnerships or mergers which mature over decades rather than the 5-10 year horizon of most technology investors.

The foundation of our partnership is a shared belief that emerging technologies offer the opportunity for a more prosperous and equitable world for generations to come. To best take advantage of the current sea change in global industries, an era of rapidly proliferating technology tools in virtually every sector, we are making strategic investments in individuals, companies, and development structures that will be the drivers of economic growth in the coming century.

Talos IO considers new investors only after first working with interested individuals through our affiliates or syndicated investments.