Our Mission

The Talos IO mission is to accelerate the creation and adoption of emerging technologies. 

We believe the next generation of scientists and creators has a singular opportunity to transform the world for the better. Over the last decades the digital transformation of global commerce and communication has brought the intersection of cultures, industries and fields of study on a scale never before seen in human history. It is in this continuing synthesis of old and new world, north and south, industrialized and developing, that there is the potential for emerging technologies to foster progress and materially improve human welfare.

What is required to fully take advantage of this opportunity is the will to take the risk of supporting and educating a new kind of entrepreneur within a technology ecosystem that turns its attention outward. With this in mind Talos IO is committed to pursuing our mission while investing in the development paths, individuals, and companies who are the vanguard of a new technology ecosystem that brings the promise of Silicon Valley to the world.

Improve Access

Innovation is not a zero-sum game. The more people with access to resources, the better.

Foster Diversity

Differing perspectives build value and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Do Public Good

Economic motives should be used to support positive changes in society and environment.

Talos IO is not naive enough to try and duplicate versions of the American technology ecosystem, or foolhardy enough to think we could build from scratch a newer, better one. Instead, we recognize that never again will the conditions which created such a place be present and that the best way we can produce value is to ensure those who experience the most acute problems of our age have access to the proper resources needed to solve them. We are working to build technology for a new world, one where innovation means equitable progress and inclusive development.