The Partnership

Talos IO is committed to building a structure capable of innovating and expanding what it means to build new companies.  We are unique among technology investors both in what we require from supported ventures and the value proposition to our partners. Talos IO expects individuals who receive resources to endeavor in meaningful positive change which by its nature is a hard-won and often long-term achievement.  This makes it necessary to ask our partners to invest with us for longer than the traditional 10 year horizon of a venture fund and fundamentally changes the ways in which we operate from the industry standard.

The Talos IO partnership allows for us to reinvest capital multiple times and best aligns our motives with those of supported ventures. Each partner owns equal interest in our organization and judges success based on the value of the partner share, not on the amount we are able to pay out as we exit investments.  To help ensure our partners receive the maximum benefit from their commitment, we work with members financial advisors and accountants to make Talos IO a key part of their portfolio strategies while optimizing tax outcomes. This uniquely positions Talos IO as an organization that can draw on a dedicated set of investing partners while working to continually optimize the resources and services we offer as a company.

Brandon M. A. Montenegro    Managing Partner

Brandon M. A. Montenegro

Managing Partner

Maria L. Booth    Partner

Maria L. Booth


Emma E. Whiteley    Secretariat

Emma E. Whiteley


Moving forward Talos IO plans to expand our role as a reputable investor and strategic advisor in the early-stage development space. We will focus on supporting individuals outside of traditional technology centers who are synthesizing economic motives with technology to solve social, economic, and environmental problems.  On the horizon is the addition of new partners, optimizing our deal flow, and within the decade, raising a venture fund to co-invest with the partnership.